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This table lists all of the scores uploaded by members or licensees. It is not required that members or licensees upload scores, and in many cases the scores they create are for internal use only. However, EEMBC requires that before any license holder can use a score publicly (i.e., not under NDA) it must first be uploaded to the EEMBC website.

Scores that are certified have undergone a rigorous analysis by the EEMBC Certification Lab. Certification is a benefit only available to members, and guarantees the score adheres to the official run-rules for that benchmark.

Vendors who certify their scores may use the "EEMBC Certification Logo" () on their press release, product packaging, etc.

The ULPMark-CP score is computed by first taking the inverse of the average power (in µW) of 50 iterations, and then multiplying by 1000. The ULPMark-PP score is computed by taking the inverse of the average power (in µW) of each slot's median score for 5 runs, then multiplying by 1000. The inversion creates a score that increases as power decreases. Multiplying by 1000 makes the score easier to round to an integer. Scores are reported to three significant figures since there is a +/-3% run-to-run tolerance.

Since many companies submit both the core and peripheral profiles for a single platform, they have been combined into a single table.

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