Joining EEMBC

There are many ways to participate in EEMBC, either by joining as a member, or licensing software and uploading scores.

Corporate Membership

EEMBC benchmark suites are developed by working groups of individuals from our member companies who share an interest in developing clearly defined standards for measuring the performance and energy efficiency of embedded processor implementations, from IoT edge nodes to next-generation advanced driver-assistance systems. An EEMBC corporate membership gives your company the opportunity to participate in this process as well as providing access to the benchmark suites that EEMBC has already developed.

EEMBC member companies use the benchmark suites to obtain performance measurements of their own devices that they can use for sales and marketing purposes and as a tool for testing, tuning, and improving their products in the development stage. Membership also includes the opportunity to obtain EEMBC certified scores for your products, signifying that the benchmark has been repeated and verified independently by EEMBC’s technical staff.

Benchmark development within EEMBC is a deliberative, democratic process carried out by working groups under the guidance of the Consortium's Board of Directors. As an EEMBC member, you have the opportunity to help define this ongoing process through participation in a mixture of web-meetings and face-to-face meetings, and to influence the direction of future benchmark suite developments.

Benefits of EEMBC Membership

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