Corporate Licensing

EEMBC benchmark suites are used by our corporate licensees to compare the performance of various processor alternatives for a given application. Recently developed EEMBC benchmark suites are also commonly used as an analysis tool that shows the sensitivity of a platform to various design parameters.

Although many EEMBC corporate licensees have developed their own proprietary benchmarks, EEMBC provides an attractive alternative to all the complexities of purchasing hardware, setting it up, and then running all the measurements on a candidate group of processors.

The EEMBC benchmark suites allow licensees to avoid this cumbersome process by providing a uniform, rigorously defined standard of measurement that makes it easier for them to compare alternative solutions. This benefits not only large manufacturers but everyone in the ecosystem of developers, integrators, and smaller enterprises that may or may not have access to proprietary benchmarks of their own or someone else.

Key corporate licensing benefits

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Access to benchmarks
Use benchmarks to test processor/system products
Ability to tune your system for best performance
Ability to publish or disclose your scores
Influence selection and design of next generation benchmarks 
Free certifications 
Early access to next-generation benchmarks 
Recognition as a supporting member of an industry-standard organization 
Use certified scores in marketing and advertising promotions 
Network with other industry leaders from partner and competitor companies 

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