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What are the run rules and allowances for CoreMark-PRO?

Base run rules:

Base run rule allowances:

Base run rule restrictions:

May optimized (“full fury”) scores be published?

“Full fury” scores may be published or disclosed only by EEMBC members following certification of results by EEMBC Technology Center (a free service for EEMBC members).

What is the format for reporting results?

What if I don't have hardware floating-point?

You can use the provided software floating-point emulation, but it will be slow.

What is the run-time of CoreMark-PRO?

It might seem like the subtests are so short that the cores are able to run entirely at the burst frequency. It also might imply that you are not intending to measure workloads with sustained execution (and will therefore throttle for smartphones/tablets). However, the score of subtests is measured in iterations/s (BW) and a user may choose the number of iterations. With CoreMark-PRO inside AndEBench™-PRO, the iterations were set such that each workload runs for 2s on a reference device. The requirement is not on run time as such, but on the accuracy required from the timing mechanism.

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