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January 2014



  • What is Ultra-Low Power?
  • Most Popular Android Phones
  • Somnium Technologies – EEMBC’s Newest Member
  • EEMBC Exhibiting at Linley Data Center Conference
  • EEMBC in the News
  • On-Going Things

What is Ultra-Low Power?

On February 26th, EEMBC will host a workshop at Embedded World in Nuremberg – “Hands-On Workshop: Applying Optimization Techniques for Ultra-Low Power Microcontrollers. From 9:00-17:00, attendees will have the opportunity to perform exercises on lab equipment from vendors that include Atmel, Freescale, Microchip, Renesas, STMicro, and Texas Instruments. In this workshop, attendees will be the first in the world to try out the EEMBC prototype of ULPBench and accompanying EnergyMonitor tool.

Most Popular Android Phones

AndEBench popularity continues to grow and so do all the device scores on our website. We now have scores for more than 1000 phones and tablets, submitted by nearly 5000 worldwide users. Last month, Will Strauss (President of Forward Concepts) collaborated with me to product an interesting analysis that depicted the top 10 most popular phones (based on the number of user submissions of AndEBench results to-date) compared with their respective benchmark scores (and including information about which application processors are inside those devices).

If you don’t have AndEBench installed yet on your Android phone or tablet, access it for free from GooglePlay™ and the Amazon™ Appstore for Android.

EEMBC encourages all vendors and manufacturers to join the consortium’s working group to contribute to the development of AndEBench 2.0. To join the working group or gain access to the source code for AndEBench, contact Markus Levy for details.

Somnium Technologies – EEMBC’s Newest Member

EEMBC welcomes SOMNIUM™ to the membership. This new member (and new company) is bringing a new approach to the embedded software development tools market which will enable embedded systems developers to release products to market faster, cheaper and with more energy efficient designs.  According to Dave Edwards, Founder, CEO and CTO of SOMNIUM, “By using EEMBC's benchmarks we are able to use independent measures to quantify the performance and energy efficiency enhancements our development tools deliver.”

EEMBC Exhibiting at Linley Data Center Conference

On February 5-6, The Linley Group will host the Annual Linley Tech Data Center Conference in Santa Clara at the Hyatt Regency. Complimentary registration ends this Thursday, January 30, so register today! This conference features keynote talks on both days, six technical sessions, 16 talks, and a networking reception on Wednesday, February 5 from 4:45 - 6:15 PM, complete with sponsor demos, exhibits, raffles, and great food. EEMBC Director of Technology (Shay Gal-On) and I will be on hand to answer any questions.

EEMBC in the News

On Going

Do you need a comprehensive, reliable, unbiased benchmark to test the performance of processors with floating-point units? You can now license the new EEMBC FPMark suite. Uniquely, FPMark contains single (32 bit) and double (64 bit) precision workloads, as well as a mixture of small, medium, and large data sets to support everything from microcontrollers to high-end processors. The EEMBC FPMark Suite uses 10 diverse kernels to generate 53 workloads, each of which self-verify to ensure correct execution of the benchmark. Non-members may obtain the entire FPMark suite, including source code and documentation, for only $495 ($195 for universities and research programs).

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