AndEBench™-Pro Scores

The following table lists scores uploaded for the brand, manufacturer, and model of the Android® device queried from the OS. Not all devices provide a product string.

The scores include:

  • Overall: The overall aggregate AndEBench-Pro score.
  • Platform: Common tasks such as GUI rendering, XML parsing, image manipulation, data compression and cryptography.
  • Storage: A measure of the read/write performance of the device'sstorage mechanism (in KB/s).
  • 3D: 3D performance, using the GPU if one is present (in frames-per-second).
  • CoreMark®-Pro: The base (Dalvik) score of CoreMark®-PRO.
  • Memory: Both bandwidth (R/W) and latency tests (in MB/s and KOps/s).

This press release explains the motivation behind AndEBench.

AndEBench-Pro can be downloaded for free from the Amazon Appstore.

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