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January 2013



  • EEMBC Live
  • Ultra-Low Power Workshop @ Embedded World
  • Website Woes
  • Ultra-Low Power Benchmark Working Group Forms
  • EEMBC CoreMark Joins Top Ten Milestone List of 2012
  • New Members: Atmel, Energy Micro, and Silicon Labs
  • Updated AndEBench Version for Smartphones/Tablets
  • New CoreMark® Scores
  • On-Going Things


EEMBC will be presenting and exhibiting at the Multicore DevCon taking place on May 21-22 at the Hyatt Regency Santa Clara. This 8th annual conference will cover a wide range of topics related to the deployment of multicore technology. Free admission for qualified attendees – check out the website for details.

On February 5 at the Hyatt Regency Santa Clara, EEMBC will be exhibiting at The Linley Tech Data Center Conference. This event focuses on the processors, components, and interconnects for data-center networking and servers.

EEMBC Conducts Ultra-Low Power Workshop

On February 27, for the first time at the Embedded World Congress in Nuremberg, Germany, EEMBC has helped assemble a full-day workshop dedicated to the theoretical and practical aspects of ultra-low power system design. The workshop will includes lectures and hands-on labs presented by specialists from companies such as ARM, Atmel, Energy Micro, Microchip, Renesas, STMicroelectronics, and Texas Instruments.

Special for all workshop attendees
 - Renesas has graciously sponsored the fabulous lunch break
 - Atmel and ARM have generously sponsored the coffee breaks

EEMBC and CoreMark Website Woes

Last week, many of you noticed that the EEMBC and CoreMark websites disappeared. My sincere apologies for any inconveniences this may have caused. Unfortunately, we were at the mercy of our now former web host, InMotion Hosting, who took four days to fix our corrupted account. We’ve since learned that we are not the only company that has suffered from InMotion’s negligence.

EEMBC Forms Ultra-Low Power Benchmark Working Group

We are working on a method to evaluate ultra-low power (ULP) microcontroller energy efficiency, targeting applications such as portable medical devices, security systems, building automation, and smart metering. This ULP benchmark suite will focus on measuring the energy consumed by microcontrollers running various computational workloads over an extended time period, emphasizing the device’s low power modes and simulating a real-world environment where products must support battery life measured in months, years, and even decades. Chaired by Horst Diewald of TI, initial participation in the ULP working group has also come from industry-leading microcontroller vendors such as Analog Devices, ARM, Atmel, Cypress, Energy Micro, Freescale, Fujitsu, Microchip, Renesas, Silicon Labs, and STMicro.

CoreMark Joins Top Ten Milestone List of 2012

In, Jack Ganssle recognized our CoreMark benchmark as one of the top ten milestones in embedded 2012. Jack quotes “While CoreMark has been around for some time, in 2012 a number of microprocessor manufacturers have started using it strategically to differentiate their offerings. Now CoreMark is even found in datasheets”. Jack also recently wrote another article that’s worth reading “Benchmarking with CoreMark”.

EEMBC Welcomes Atmel, Energy Micro, and Silicon Labs to Its Membership

It’s fantastic news that Atmel, Energy Micro, and Silicon Labs have joined EEMBC, and specifically the Automotive Subcommittee, to participate in the development of our ULP benchmark. Check out the press releases, posted to our website, for more details.

Updated AndEBench Version for Smartphones/Tablets

EEMBC has recently started developing a second-generation AndEBench for benchmarking Android-enabled devices. The AndEBench working group is led by Ronen Zohar, Principal Engineer at Intel Corporation. Ronen says that “While AndEBench 1.0 provides a way to measure the basic performance of the CPU inside a tablet or smartphone, AndEBench 2.0 will introduce the ability to measure platform performance as seen by the user, as well as providing the ability to report hardware sub-component performance.”

We’ve also updated AndEBench 1.0 to allow users to interactively compare their scores to other smartphones and tablets. In less than one month, people all over the world have submitted more than 500 scores for over 200 Android devices. AndEBench can be downloaded for free from GooglePlay™ and the Amazon™ Appstore for Android.

New CoreMark® Scores

More than 9000 CoreMark downloads. More than 400 user submitted CoreMark scores. Here’s the list of the most recently posted scores. Don’t forget to post yours!

Processor Name







Atmel SAM4S16CAU






Freescale i.MX258



Freescale i.MX35

GCC 4.3.3


Freescale Kinetis K70 90nm

IAR v6.50


Freescale P2041 QorIQ

GCC 4.6.2


Freescale QorIQ P2020



Intel Atom N2800



Intel Core i3-2350M



Intel Core i5

gcc 4.4.5


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On Going

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