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August 2012



  • EEMBC Celebrates 15th Year Anniversary
  • Welcome New Members: Dell and Vineyard Networks
  • AndEBench™: EEMBC Benchmark for Android®
  • BrowsingBench Score Update
  • New CoreMark™ Scores
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  • Members Only: Annual Face-to-Face Meetings

EEMBC Celebrates 15th Year Anniversary

As it celebrates the 15th anniversary of its founding, EEMBC continues to gain in popularity among embedded system designers, as well as an expansion in the breadth of the industry-standard benchmarks it is developing for the diverse world of embedded processors and systems. Today EEMBC counts 130 processor, tools, and systems vendors among its commercial members and licensees. Additionally, the consortium contributes to advanced research in the embedded processor field by licensing its benchmark suites to more than 100 universities worldwide. Check out the press release.

Welcome New Members

In the previous quarter, DELL and Vineyard Networks have joined the EEMBC membership. Dell, a leader in worldwide innovative technology, business solutions and services, has joined the association’s Consumer Subcommittee, which includes the working groups focusing on developing mobile device benchmarks, especially in the area of smartphone and tablet benchmarking. Vineyard Networks, a leader in next-generation Deep Packet Inspection technology, has joined the consortium’s DPIBench working group. The working group is focused on creation of a comprehensive, credible, and equitable benchmark suite to measure the performance of firewall and Unified Threat Management (UTM) appliances.

AndEBench™: EEMBC Benchmark for Android

Have an Android® device? If you haven’t yet tried out AndEBench™, it’s available for download on Google® Play and at the Amazon Appstore.

® on iOS

Since Google® launched Chrome® for iOS, we decided to give it a try, and it appears that Chrome® for iOS is severely crippled in terms of performance. Normally, no one would complain and/or notice a 10-20% performance difference in page loads. But we’ve found that page load performance using Chrome on iOS is almost 2x slower than Safari®. According to the results from our BrowsingBench® test run on an iphone® 4G and an iPad® 2, Safari weighs in at 919 and 2340, respectively. On the other hand, when running Chrome on the same platforms, our test results were 478 and 1241, respectively. Although we didn’t do any under-the-hood analysis, we also ran the BrowsingBench® test using the Dolphin browser on the iphone 4G, and obtained a score of 956.

New CoreMark™ Scores

With CoreMark™ downloads nearing 7800, it continues to gain industry-wide adoption (i.e. the disappearance of Dhrystone MIPS). Users have posted over 300 CoreMark™ scores. Check these out and be sure to submit yours! Here are the processor scores that have been posted since our previous newsletter:

Processor Compiler EEMBC
Intel Core 2 Duo GCC4.6.3 20120306 (Red Hat 4.6.3-2)  
Renesas RL78/G14 IAR EWRL78 V1.20  
Renesas RX62N IAR EWRX V2.40.1  
STMicro STM32F417IGt6 IAR-EWARM-6.40  
Intel Core i7-3930K CPU GCC4.4.6 20110731 (Red Hat 4.4.6-3)  
Intel(R) Core i7-3930K CPU GCC4.4.6 20110731 (Red Hat 4.4.6-3)  
NXP LPC1850 Green Hills Multi 2012.1  
Microchip PIC32MX795F512L Sourcery CodeBench 2011.09-86 (GCC4.5.2)  
NXP LPC4350 Green Hills Multi 2012.1  
microAptiv (FPGA) Sourcery CodeBench 2011.09-86 (gcc 4.5.2)  
MIPS proAptiv (single core, FPGA, pre-production RTL version) Sourcery CodeBench 2011.09-86 (gcc 4.5.2)  
Freescale P4080 (PowerPC e500mc) gcc version 4.4.5  
Broadcom BCM63281 MIPS32 320MHz GCC4.2.3  
TI Stellaris LM3S9D90 Cortex-M3 Code Composer Studio V5.1, Compiler TI v4.9.1  
Oracle SPARC T3 (SPARC T3-1) GCC3.4.3 (csl-sol210-3_4-branch+sol_rpath)  
Aeroflex Gaisler LEON3, SP605 Spartan-6 FPGA board gcc-4.4.2, (BCC-1.0.36 tool-chain)  

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Members Only: Annual Face-to-Face Meetings

EEMBC Members: If you haven’t yet seen the invitation to our annual face-to-face in San Diego on September 12-13, 2012, please contact me directly. We’ll start with a Board of Directors meeting, followed by working group meetings for AndEBench, BrowsingBench, CoreMark-HP, FPBench, and others.

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