Member List

EEMBC is made up of a wide variety of contributors. Board Members, Subcommittee Members and Tool Vendors comprise the bulk of the organization. In addition we have advisors, both academic and corporate, and research firms who contribute by providing feedback or technical advice from their particular domains of expertise.

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Board Members

EEMBC Board Members, in addition to the President and C-level members, set the direction of EEMBC through voting rights granted by California nonprofit by-laws. They enjoy full access to all of the subcommittees and working groups.

Subcommittee Members

EEMBC is organized into subcommittees that address a particular technical segment, such as Ultra-Low Power or Heterogeneous Compute. Each subcommitte is further comprised of multiple working groups, which develop a specific benchmark in that segment. Subcommittee members may attend all working groups, vote on the direction of the benchmark, and provide resources to help develop and test the software.

Tool Vendors

Tool Vendors provide broad horizontal guidance to the organization. They are typically compiler & IDE vendors who find a use for EEMBC benchmarks different from the hardware developers: validating and optimizing their compilers.

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