About the EEMBC DENBench™ Performance Benchmark Suite

DENBench Version 1.0 is a suite of benchmarks that allows users to approximate the performance of processor subsystems in multimedia tasks such as image, video, and audio file compression and decompression. Other benchmarks in the suite focus on encryption and decryption algorithms commonly used in digital rights management (DRM) and eCommerce applications. Addressing such end products as smartphones, MP3 players, digital cameras, TV set-top boxes, and in-car entertainment systems. DENBench Version 1.0 expands on EEMBC’s ConsumerBench Version 1.1 with new benchmark kernels and a larger number of datasets. Several mechanisms, including Peak Signal-to-Noise Ratio (PSNR), check output quality. The DENBench components include the following algorithms and mini-suites:


Includes MP3 decode, MPEG-2 encode and decode, and MPEG-4 encode and decode, each of which are applied to five different datasets for a total of 25 results.


A collection of four benchmark tests for common cryptographic standards and algorithms: the Advanced Encryption Standard (AES), the Data Encryption Standard (DES), the Rivest-Shamir-Adleman (RSA) algorithm for public-key cryptography, and Huffman decoding for data decompression.

Digital Image Processing

JPEG and color-space-conversion tests, including JPEG compress, JPEG decompress, RGB to YIQ, RGB to CMYK, and RGB to HPG. Each of these is applied to seven different datasets for a total of 35 results.

MPEG Encode Floating Point

A floating-point version of MPEG-2 Encode benchmark, using single-precision floating-point instead of integer functions.

DENBench Version 1.0 Benchmark Scores

The DENmark™, MPEG Decodemark™, MPEG Encodemark™, Cryptomark™, and Imagemark™ are single-number scores that EEMBC provides, in addition to scores based on individual benchmark applications within its DENbench suite, to enhance the presentation of comparative data on processor performance. These numbers are intended to provide a first-order representation of processor performance in tasks related to digital entertainment applications. The detailed scores on individual benchmarks and datasets will continue to offer the highest value to system designers, allowing comparison of the individual applications that are specific to their designs. The overall DENmark score provides a single-number performance rating for the entire DENbench suite. All 69 tests in the suite must be run to derive a DENmark score. View certified DENBench Version 1.0 benchmark scores.

Graph of workload behavior.

EEMBC benchmark characterization data allows designers to better understand how to interpret EEMBC benchmark scores relative to certain processor characteristics. The Kiviat graph above, which visualizes multivariable data in a way that easily reveals program behavior, shows workload characteristics for the MPEG-2 Decode benchmark within DENBench 1.0. This data was taken from a characterization done by North Carlonia State University.


You can learn more about the components in the DENBench Data Book.

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