Industry-Standard Benchmarks for Embedded Systems
EEMBC, an industry alliance, develops benchmarks to help system designers select the optimal processors and understand the performance and energy characteristics of their systems. EEMBC has benchmark suites targeting cloud and big data, mobile devices (for phones and tablets), networking, ultra-low power microcontrollers, the Internet of Things (IoT), digital media, automotive, and other application areas. EEMBC also has benchmarks for general-purpose performance analysis including CoreMark, MultiBench (multicore), and FPMark (floating-point).

CoreMark Scores

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Renesas Electronics Scores

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Clear Processor Compiler Operating Speed
in Mhz
CoreMark (1) CoreMark
/Core (1)
Threads Comments Date
Renesas RX65NRenesas CCRX V2.0550 MHz4.62 230.84 230.84  comment11/21/16
Renesas RX65NRenesas CCRX V2.05120 MHz4.34 520.25 520.25  comment11/21/16
Renesas RX231IAR EWRX V2.90.1544.14 223.65 223.65  comment06/20/16
Renesas RX231IAR EWRX V2.90.1324.36 139.65 139.65  comment06/20/16
Renesas RX231Renesas CCRX V2.05544.33 234.01 234.01  comment06/20/16
Renesas RX231Renesas CCRX V2.05324.61 147.51 147.51  comment06/20/16
Renesas RX64MIAR EWRX V2.70.11204.38 525.29 525.29  comment02/27/15
Renesas RX71MIAR EWRX V2.70.12404.29 1029.37 1029.37  comment02/27/15
Renesas RZ/T1IAR ANSI C/C++ Compiler V7.30.4.8167/W32 for ARM6003.17 1904.17 1904.17  comment01/28/15
Renesas RX64MRenesas CC-RX V.2.031204.55 546.24 546.24  comment01/16/15
Renesas RX71MRenesas CC-RX V.2.032404.35 1044.60 1044.60  comment01/16/15
Renesas RX64MIAR EWRX V2.50.11204.25 510.20 510.20  comment03/12/14
Renesas SH7214Renesas SHC Compiler V.9.04 Release 022001.76 352.00 352.00  comment03/12/14
Renesas RZ/A1HIAR ANSI C/C++ Compiler V6.60.1.5097/W32 for ARM4004.15 1660.00 1660.00  111/20/13
Renesas RL78/G14IAR EWRL78 1.30.5320.89 28.49 28.49  111/07/13
Renesas RX111IAR EWRX V2.41.3323.08 98.52 98.52  comment03/21/13
Renesas RX62NIAR EWRX V2.41 BETA1003.12 311.54 311.54  comment10/24/12
Renesas RL78/G14IAR EWRL78 V1.20320.67 21.29 21.29  comment06/06/12
Renesas RX62NIAR EWRX V2.40.1962.77 266.12 266.12  comment06/06/12
Renesas SH7724Code Sourcery gcc 4.4.15001.71 856.90 856.90  comment08/25/11
Renesas RX610KPIT GNURX v11.02 Windows Tool Chain (ELF)1002.34 234.18 234.18  comment08/12/11
Renesas RX610KPIT GNURX v11.02 Windows Tool Chain (ELF)502.34 117.09 117.09  comment08/12/11
Renesas RX610KPIT GNURX v11.02 Windows Tool Chain (ELF)252.34 58.55 58.55  comment08/12/11
Renesas SH7040 - HD6437043A romlessRenesas (Hitachi) SH SERIES C Compiler Ver. 3.0g14.74562.94 43.32 43.32  comment12/20/10
Renesas SH7206 - R5S72060W200FPVRenesas SH SERIES C/C++ Compiler V. 176.941.44 255.50 255.50  comment12/15/10
Renesas RX610RedHat GNU C version 4.5.1 201007121002.25 224.74 224.74  comment10/04/10
Renesas RX610RedHat GNU C version 4.5.1 20100712252.25 56.19 56.19  comment10/04/10
Renesas M30624FGP (M16C/62P)Renesas M3T-NC30WA V.5.45 Release 00240.41 9.75 9.75  comment07/12/09
Renesas M30624FGP (M16C/62P)IAR M16C C/C++ Compiler V3.30D/W32240.47 11.21 11.21  comment07/12/09
  1 - 29 of 29 Scores  

(1) For CoreMark, CoreMark/MHz, and CoreMark/Core results, bigger is better.

(2) EEMBC Certified Scores: EEMBC only guarantees the reliability of scores that have been officially certified by the EEMBC Technology Center (ETC). During our certification process, the ETC re-establishes the manufacturer's benchmark environment, verifies all settings, rebuilds the executable, and runs CoreMark according to the specific run rules. EEMBC certification ensures that scores are repeatable, accurate, obtained fairly, and derived according to EEMBC's rules. Scores for devices that have been tested and certified can be searched from our Benchmark Search page.