Benchmark Certification Report

Benchmark Information
Benchmark Score #  750  
Suite  Networking 1.1  
Type of Platform  Hardware/Production Silicon  
Type of Certification  Out-of-the-box  
Certification Date  06/15/06  
Benchmark Run Date  2006-06-02 00:00:00 
Hardware Availability Date  NOW 
Software Availability Date  NOW 
OS Availability Date  NOW 
Benchmark Notes   

Processor & Processor System
Processor Name-Clock Toshiba, TX4939XBG-400, 400Mhz 
Hardware Type Production silicon 
Processor Part Number TX4939XBG-400 
Vendor Contact Toshiba Corp. 
Public availability date of processor NOW 
Architecture Type RISC 
Native Data Type 64 
L1 Instruction Cache Size (kbyte) 32 
L1 Instruction Cache Type 4-way set assoc. 
L1 Data Cache Size (kbyte) 32 
L1 Data Cache Type 4-way set assoc., write-back 
On-chip Peripherals Used in Benchmark Timer, JTAG( OCD ) 
Board Name RBTX4939 
Certified Board Serial Number 237 
Firmware Version or setup file name YAMON 
External Data Bus Width (bits) 32 
RAM Amount 256MB 
Memory Clock (mhz) 200 
Type and Size of Other On-chip Memory Nand Flash(32MB),Nor Flash( 16MB+16MB+8MB), SRAM(2KB) 
L2 Cache Clock N/A 
L2 Cache Size (kbyte) 
L2 Cache Type N/A 
Ordering Info (Product number) RBHMA4700 and RBHCC4939 

Compiler Vendor Green Hills 
Compiler Model and Version Green Hills MULTI, MIPS Version 4.2.3 
Compiler Vendor Public Contact Information 
Assembler Name Green Hills MULTI 
Assembler Version Green Hills MULTI, MIPS Version 4.2.3 
Format of Executables ELF 
Libraries Used in Benchmark Standard C libraries 
Library Exceptions N/A 
Linker Name Green Hills MULTI 
Linker Version Green Hills MULTI, MIPS Version 4.2.3 
Post-Processing Tools N/A 
Floating Point Hardware 

Compiler flags
ANSI Adherance ANSI 
Code Generation Flags  -Ospeed -OI -cpu=r4900 -Omax -MD -bsp generic -G -DNDEBUG 
Endian Eig Endian 
Error Handling and Level N/A 
Include Files in Build Files 
Portability Flags N/A 
Post-processor N/A 
Warning Flags N/A 

Benchmark Scores


OSPF 6499.786 8948 1204 
Route Lookup 1579.278 4440 9164 
Packet Flow - 512 kbytes 5383.314 3572 4621 
Packet Flow - 1 Mbyte 2565.663 3576 4621 
Packet Flow - 2 Mbytes 1205.389 3576 4621 
NetmarkTM 7.1
Highlighted Fields indicate Certified Data 

Certified by the EEMBC Technology Center


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