Benchmark Certification Report

Benchmark Information
Benchmark Score #  2527  
Suite  AutoBench 1.1  
Type of Platform  Simulator  
Type of Certification  Out-of-the-box  
Certification Date  05/24/16  
Benchmark Run Date  2016-05-24 00:00:00 
Hardware Availability Date  2016-09-24 
Software Availability Date  2016-05-24 
OS Availability Date  2016-05-24 
Benchmark Notes   

Processor & Processor System
Processor Name-Clock ARM Cortex-R52 (*
Simulator Type Mentor Graphics Veloce 
Gate count or area in a given technology n/a 
Simulator Type RTL Emulation platform 
Simulator Version 
This simulator is verified to RTL. Accuracy level. 100% 
Processor Configuration Description n/a 
Processor Release Number r0p0 
Architecture Type RISC 
L1 Instruction Cache Size (kbyte) 32 
Native Data Type 32-bit 
L1 Instruction Cache Type 4-way set associative 
L1 Data Cache Size (kbyte) 32 
L1 Data Cache Type 4-way set associative 
Type and Size of Other On-Chip Memory 32k A,B and CTCM 
External Data Bus Width (Bits) 128-bit 
RAM Amount 128 
Memory Configuration n/a 
L2 Cache Clock n/a 
L2 Cache Size (kbyte) n/a 
L2 Cache Type n/a 

Compiler Vendor Green Hills Software 
Compiler Model and Version Green Hills Software, Compiler v2017.1 Beta 
Compiler Vendor Public Contact Information 
Assembler Name asarm 
Assembler Version Green Hills Software, Compiler v2017.1 Beta 
Format of Executables ELF 
Libraries Used in Benchmark Standard C libraries 
Linker Name elxr 
Linker Version Green Hills Software, Compiler v2017.1 Beta 
Floating Point Hardware 

Compiler flags
Code Generation Flags -cpu=cortexa53 -fpu=hard -O -Ounrollbig -Ospeed -OI -OB -Olink -Owholeprogram -floatsingle -fpu=vfpv4 -Omax --no_commons 
Endian Little 
Include Files 
Warning Flags -w 

Benchmark Scores
per million cycles 
Code Size
in bytes 
Data Size
in bytes 
Angle to Time Conversion 3861.406 6720 2460 
Basic floating point 2581.91 4892 8540 
Bit Manipulation 98.127 6436 3100 
Cache Buster 9314.21 5388 1208 
Response to Remote Request(CAN) 11601.21 5176 6368 
Fast Fourier Transform (Auto/Indust. Version) 4.387 15252 43364 
Finite Impulse Response Filter (Auto/Indust. Vers) 664.425 9948 4736 
Inverse discrete cosine transform 56.879 9548 8572 
Infinite Impulse Response Filter 602.556 11020 4560 
Inverse Fast Fourier Transform (Auto/Indust. Vers) 4.873 13772 43364 
Matrix arithmetic 6.745 15296 14148 
Pointer Chasing 66.351 7092 5852 
Pulse Width Modulation 9163.664 6476 10184 
Road Speed Calculation 15001.44 4196 2424 
Table Lookup and Interpolation 851.068 5868 12644 
Tooth To Spark 327.677 17788 50072 
AutomarkTM 1.36094
Highlighted Fields indicate Certified Data 

(*) These certified benchmark scores were derived solely from simulation. Certification means the scores were recreated on the simulator by the EEMBC Technology Center. The vendor has stipulated that the simulator has been verified against RTL.

Certified by the EEMBC Technology Center


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