ULPMark  Benchmark Scores

 Benchmark 2646
STMicroelectronics STM32L476
Hardware Environment 
Device VendorSTMicroelectronics
Device Name and RevisionSTM32L476
Production silicon Yes
Processor DatasheetL476 Datasheet (DM00108832).pdf
Board VendorSTMicroelectronics
Board Name and RevisionSTM32 nucleo MB1136 rev C
External DC-DC (if used) 
External DC-DC datasheet (if used) 
Size (in bytes) of retention SRAM32,768
Does the Timestamp GPIO use the same voltage as the Unmonitored VCC on the EMON? 
Software Environment 
Compiler Name and VersionIAR C/C++ Compiler for ARM 7.60.1
Compiler Flagshigh speed, no size constraints, muti-file compilation
ULPBench Profile and VersionPeripheral Profile 2.5.1
EnergyMonitor Software Versionv1.0.2
ULPBench Binary FileCP 3.0v: ULPP_L476_Nucleo64.hex
CP x.yv: ULPP_L476_Nucleo64.hex
PP 3.0v: ULPP_L4xx_Nucleo64.hex
PP x.yv: ULPP_L4xx_Nucleo64.hex
Operating Conditions 
Ambient Temperature [C]23
System Supply Voltage [V]1.800
Board Configuration Details 
Description of how to run benchmark, board configuration & rework instructionsboard config Nucleo-64.pdf
Board extended documentation and/or user guideUser Manual (DM00105823).pdf
Profile Configuration Details 
Wakeup Timer ModuleRTC
Wakeup Timer Clock SourceExternal Crystal
Wakeup Timer Frequency [Hz]32768Hz
Wakeup Timer Accuracy [ppm]20ppm
Benchmark Scores
ULPMark-CP (3.0v) 152.00
ULPMark-CP (x.yv) 294.00 (1.80v)
ULPMark-PP (3.0v) 62.60
Configuration 117.5
Configuration 222.1
Configuration 35.68
Configuration 48.7
Configuration 57.86
Configuration 67.88
Configuration 77.89
Configuration 87.85
Configuration 969.5
Configuration 104.87
ULPMark-PP (x.yv) 106.00 (1.80v)
Configuration 110.3
Configuration 212.5
Configuration 33.02
Configuration 44.89
Configuration 54.42
Configuration 64.43
Configuration 74.44
Configuration 84.42
Configuration 943.5
Configuration 102.43

Highlighted Fields indicate Certified Data