Industry-Standard Benchmarks for Embedded Systems
EEMBC, an industry alliance, develops benchmarks to help system designers select the optimal processors and understand the performance and energy characteristics of their systems. EEMBC has benchmark suites targeting cloud and big data, mobile devices (for phones and tablets), networking, ultra-low power microcontrollers, the Internet of Things (IoT), digital media, automotive, and other application areas. EEMBC also has benchmarks for general-purpose performance analysis including CoreMark, MultiBench (multicore), and FPMark (floating-point).
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ULPMark  Benchmark Scores

 Score: 2513
Texas Instruments MSP432P401R Rev. C
Hardware Environment 
Device VendorTexas Instruments
Device Name and RevisionMSP432P401R Rev. C
Production silicon Yes
Processor Datasheetmsp432p401r.pdf
Board VendorTexas Instruments
Board Name and RevisionMSP-TS432PZ100 Rev1.2
External DC-DC (if used) 
External DC-DC datasheet (if used) 
Size (in bytes) of retention SRAM8,192
Software Environment 
Compiler Name and VersionIAR EWARM v7.50.3
Compiler Flags--endian=little --cpu=Cortex-M4F -e --fpu=VFPv4_sp -Ohs --no_size_constraints --mfc
ULPBench Profile and Versionv1.1.X
EnergyMonitor Software Version1.1.3
ULPBench Binary File 
Operating Conditions 
Ambient Temperature [C]25
System Supply Voltage [V]2.97
Board Configuration Details 
Description of how to run benchmark, board configuration & rework instructions2513_332_HW_instructions.pdf
Board extended documentation and/or user guideSW_Instructions.pdf
Profile Configuration Details 
Wakeup Timer ModuleRTC
Wakeup Timer Clock SourceExternal Crystal
Wakeup Timer Frequency [Hz]32768
Wakeup Timer Accuracy [ppm]20
Benchmark Scores
ULPMark-CP (3.0v) 192.30
ULPMark-CP (x.yv) n/a
ULPMark-PP (3.0v) n/a
Configuration 1
Configuration 2
Configuration 3
Configuration 4
Configuration 5
Configuration 6
Configuration 7
Configuration 8
Configuration 9
Configuration 10
ULPMark-PP (x.yv) n/a

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