CoreMark  Benchmark Scores

 Benchmark 1526
Atmel SAM D20
Type of Platform Hardware/Production Silicon 
Processor Information 
Device Name and RevisionAtmel SAM D20
Processor Operating Frequency [MHz]24
Number of Processor Cores1
Memory configurationCache enabled; code running from internal flash
Link to Processor Data Sheet (PDF)
Software Environment 
Compiler Name and VersionIAR-EWARM-6.60
Compiler Flags--endian=little --cpu=Cortex-M0+ --no_size_constraints --const_in_rodata --fpu=None –Ohs
Operating System Name and Version 
Parallel Execution-
Source Code Port Files 
Benchmark Scores
CoreMark 59.04 
CoreMark/MHz 2.46 
CoreMark/Core 2.46 

Uncertified Data & Result