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 Benchmark 13025
Infineon AURIX TC277TF-64 F200S CA ES
Type of Platform Hardware/Production Silicon 
Processor Information 
Device Name and RevisionInfineon AURIX TC277TF-64 F200S CA ES
Processor Operating Frequency [MHz]200
Number of Processor Cores3
Memory configurationEach processor core uses its own program RAM exclusively to run CoreMark.
Link to Processor Data Sheet (PDF)
Software Environment 
Compiler Name and VersionTasking TC62r1
Compiler Flags--core=tc1.6.x -D_CTRI --iso=99 --language=-gcc,-strings --switch=auto --align=4 --default-near-size=1 --default-a0-size=1 --default-a1-size=1 -ONRpfceogvIlywakmsU --tradeoff=2 --compact-max-size=200 --max-call-depth=-1 --inline-max-incr=35 --inline-max-size=10 -g --misrac-version=2004 --immediate-in-code
Operating System Name and Version 
Parallel Execution3
Source Code Port Files 
Benchmark Scores
CoreMark 1268.00 
CoreMark/MHz 6.34 
CoreMark/Core 2.11 

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