EEMBC has joined forces with the Standard Performance Evaluation Corporation (SPEC) to create the industry's most comprehensive organization for computer performance benchmark standards. As SPEC's Embedded Group, EEMBC develops industry-standard benchmarks for the hardware and software used in autonomous driving, mobile imaging, the Internet of Things, mobile devices, and many other applications. The EEMBC community includes member companies, commercial licensees, and academic licensees at institutions of higher learning around the world.

EEMBC benchmark suites are developed by working groups of our members who share an interest in developing clearly defined standards for measuring the performance and energy efficiency of embedded processor implementations, from IoT edge nodes to next-generation advanced driver-assistance systems.

Once developed in a collaborative process, the benchmark suites are used by members to obtain performance measurements of their own devices and by licensees to compare the performance of various processor choices for a given application. Recently developed EEMBC benchmark suites are also used throughout the community of users as an analysis tool that shows the sensitivity of a platform to various design parameters.

The primary audience for the scores yielded by EEMBC benchmarks are companies creating systems that rely on embedded microcontrollers and microprocessors: everything from smartphones to solar panels. Although such manufacturers typically have their own proprietary benchmarks, EEMBC provides an attractive alternative to all the complexities of purchasing hardware, setting it up, and then running all the measurements on a candidate group of processors. The EEMBC benchmark suites allow manufacturers to avoid this cumbersome process by providing a uniform, rigorously defined standard of measurement that makes it easier for them to compare alternative solutions. This benefits not only the large manufacturers but everyone in the ecosystem of developers, integrators, and smaller enterprises that may or may not have access to proprietary benchmarks of their own or someone else.

The EEMBC vision is that everyone benefits if the players can agree through a consensual process what the standard metrics for performance evaluation will be. In the more than 20 years since our founding in 1997, EEMBC has accumulated a database of benchmark scores that everyone in the EEMBC community can use in product development, R&D, or as a baseline for comparison with their own benchmark test results. Published scores, when available, can be accessed from each of the main benchmark pages listed here. This common baseline serves everyone by improving transparency and making it that much easier for OEMs to talk to processor vendors and vice versa.

What's in a Name?

We get asked about that extra "E" in EEMBC all the time. In 1997, EDN saw a dire need to unify the dozens of embedded processor vendors so it created the "EDN Embedded Microprocessor Benchmark Consortium". When EDN and EEMBC parted ways in 2012, EEMBC kept that extra "E" because the name had come to represent an important fixture in the embedded world.

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