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Nokia Siemens Networks Joins EEMBC Networking Subcommittee

EL DORADO HILLS, Calif. November 1, 2011 The Embedded Microprocessor Benchmark Consortium (EEMBC) today announced that Nokia Siemens Networks, a global leader in telecommunications, is the consortium’s newest member of its Networking Subcommittee. As a member of the Networking Subcommittee, Nokia Siemens Networks will have full access to utilize all the benchmark tools provided within that subcommittee, and will help drive the consortium’s future direction, in the area of radio and networking equipment, and appliances.

EEMBC was formed in 1997 to develop meaningful performance benchmarks for the hardware and software used in embedded systems. EEMBC benchmarks help predict the performance of embedded processors and systems in a range of applications (i.e. networking, digital entertainment, automotive, office automation, telecommunications, and connected devices) and disciplines (processor core functionality, floating-point, Java, multicore, and energy consumption). The consortium is also working on a new benchmark suite, named DPIBench, which will provide a standardized, industry-accepted method of evaluating the performance of Unified Threat Management (UTM) appliances.

As a leader in the telecommunications networks market, Nokia Siemens Networks makes a notable addition to our membership,” said Markus Levy, EEMBC president. “Nokia Siemens Networks’ experience in this industry will help ensure that DPIBench is a fair and equitable benchmark. This will be important because the industry has lacked a common method of performance testing and validation of UTM throughput.”

As a Networking Subcommittee Member, Nokia Siemens Networks will utilize EEMBC benchmark standards to help us select the most effective processing solutions for our mobile broadband and connectivity equipment,” said Jarmo Hillo, Manager, Computing Technologies, CTO Research, Nokia Siemens Networks. “Furthermore, we look forward to contributing our expertise to help EEMBC develop the best real-world benchmarks for the networking industry.”

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