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ADASMark™ Benchmark Suite Now Available

bf55d46d-50b8-4b93-90cd-5130e420f245.pngEEMBC’s ADASMark™ autonomous driving benchmark suite is now available for licensing. The benchmarks provide a performance measurement and optimization tool for automotive companies building next-generation advanced driver-assistance systems (ADAS). Learn more . . .

Outstanding Contributions From EEMBC Members

EEMBC has honored 17 members whose contributions over the last year have gone above and beyond in making the organization the industry’s standard bearer for benchmarking. The honorees were recognized for their generous work in the ULPMark®, IoTMark®, SecureMark®, ADASMark™, and Machine Learning working groups, and for their contributions to the greater good of the industry. Learn more about the efforts of these engineers in this press release.

New Certified ULPMark Scores From Analog Devices and Microchip Technology

Analog Devices’ ADuCM4050 and Microchip’s ATSAML10E16A and ATSAML11E16A are the latest low-power MCUs to receive certified EEMBC ULPMark scores, which both companies now display at the at the top of the datasheets for their respective devices. Analog Devices’ ADuCM4050 MCU includes an ARM Cortex-M4 core with floating-point unit, expanded SRAM, and embedded flash memory. Microchip’s SAM L10/L11 devices are ultra low power 32-bit Cortex-M23 MCUs with TrustZone for ARMv8-M, cryptography accelerators, and enhanced PTC. See score details for these and other devices on the EEMBC ULPMark score page.

SecureMark® Benchmark Now Available for the TLS Protocol

8f411d8c-6026-4539-85de-3d3a2ea4d6ff.pngEEMBC’s SecureMark®-TLS benchmark is now available for licensing. Part of the SecureMark benchmarking suite for measuring the efficiency of cryptographic processing solutions, SecureMark-TLS focuses on the Transport Layer Security (TLS) protocol for internet of things (IoT) edge nodes. Learn more . . .

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CoreMark™ Scores and Power Metrics: Defining the Relationship

More than a dozen processor vendors quote some type of electrical metric(s) associated with their CoreMark scores. Some have provided very detailed white papers describing the methodology behind these measurements; others mention no methodology at all. Units vary dramatically as well.

EEMBC’s Ultra-Low Power (ULP) working group is addressing this issue by developing a standard set of rules for how CoreMark is run when being used to report power, current, or energy metrics.

While EEMBC outlined a method for associating CoreMark scores with power metrics a decade ago, it lacked a standard hardware apparatus and codification. The ULP working group seeks to more succinctly and authoritatively define this process within the IoTConnect™ framework used for ULPMark®, IoTMark® and SecureMark® products. Although the framework is limited to 50 mA of current, this is at least two orders of magnitude (or more) larger than all of the embedded numbers quoted in datasheets, making it a suitable target of standardization in the embedded space.

The initial research is done, and the development team is iterating on prototypes while the rest of the group works toward a consensus strategy, including awareness of the implications to announcing this standard.

Apache License Available for CoreMark®

EEMBC’s CoreMark® benchmark software is now available for download on GitHub under the Apache license to facilitate inclusion into other larger benchmark collections, such as Google’s PerfKit. The new, more user-friendly arrangement replaces the previous click-through license. In addition to the Apache boilerplate, the license includes an Acceptable Use Agreement to ensure modifications remain consistent with the CoreMark brand identity.

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