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September 2017



  • New Benchmark Available – ULPMark-Peripheral Profile
  • IoT Device Security Summit
  • Linley Processor Conference 2017
  • MultiBench Description Included in Multicore Programming Practices Guide
  • EEMBC Expands In-house Testing Services

New Benchmark Available – ULPMark-Peripheral Profile

After nearly two years of discussion, debate, development, testing, more testing, and more testing, EEMBC has finished the EEMBC ULPMark™-PeripheralProfile (ULPMark®-PP) benchmark. This is a tool to measure the energy efficiency of microcontrollers (MCUs) and their commonly-used, programmable peripherals. ULPMark-PP reveals how efficiently each MCU vendor has designed and implemented its integrated peripherals. Simultaneously, EEMBC has published the first results from ULPMark-PP, as well as ULPMark-Core Profile scores showing the benefits of running from lower operating voltages. The ULPMark is available to members and through non-member licensing. Contact EEMBC president, Markus Levy.

IoT Device Security Summit

September 28th at Hyatt Regency Santa Clara - Attend this one-day security summit addressing complex challenges of IoT implementations on device security. A full day of keynotes, technical training sessions, a panel discussion, and exhibition will educate attendees on the cutting edge and practical side of implementing and validating security. Be sure to attend the EEMBC presentation “The Real Performance and Energy Cost of Cryptography in IoT Devices

Linley Processor Conference 2017

October 4 - 5 at the Hyatt Regency Hotel, Santa Clara, CA. This two-day, dual-track conference features technical presentations addressing processors and IP cores for deep learning, servers, communications, embedded, and advanced automotive systems. This in-depth technical conference is the industry's premier processor event and will host a number of new product announcements. Free on-line registration for qualified attendees will close on Thursday, September 28, 2017 at 5 PM Pacific.

MultiBench Description Included in Multicore Programming Practices Guide

This is tangentially related to EEMBC benchmarks - A new version of the Multicore Association’s Multicore Programming Practices Guide is now available for free download. Among other things, it includes a section describing the functionality of EEMBC MultiBench. If you’re programming multicore processors, you’ll find this very useful.

EEMBC Expands In-house Testing Services

The EEMBC Technology Center benchmark testing services include porting the benchmarks to the target platform(s), running the benchmarks and reporting scores, comparing different hardware platforms and different hardware configurations, and comparing different tool chains and different optimization options. Read more…

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