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March 2017



  • Celebrating 20 Years of Industry-Standard Benchmarking
  • EEMBC IoTMark®-BLE Measures Energy Efficiency of Microcontrollers and Bluetooth Radios
  • @Linley Autonomous Hardware Conference
  • @IoT DevCon
  • Embedded Vision Summit
  • EEMBC Expands In-house Testing Services

Celebrating 20 Years of Industry-Standard Benchmarking

What’s significant about a 20-year celebration? As is true with any company in any industry, 20 years demonstrates the ability to survive, evolve, and expand. These 20 years have taught us many lessons on crafting benchmarks – always working to ensure the right features and functions are being tested, while ensuring that benchmarks are run as intended. In 20 years, we’ve also discovered that benchmarks are useful beyond benchmarks –almost every member uses the EEMBC benchmarks for validation and regression testing – hence, these benchmarks have become ingrained in the development of many new processor cores, SoCs and compilers. As an industry-standard organization, I expect that EEMBC will continue to collectively and democratically develop benchmarks for embedded applications for the next 20 years. Whatever the reason, we want you to appreciate that there’s no limit to how many things can be benchmarked – but it’s important to do it right.

Read the full 20-year report, including interviews with EEMBC members from C-Sky, NXP, and Synopsys.

EEMBC IoTMark®-BLE Measures Energy Efficiency of uCs + Bluetooth Radios

While many microcontrollers are already designed for ultra-low power, a big portion of the energy budget in an IoT application must be allocated for transmitting and receiving data. As a result, whether the radio function is integrated into the microcontroller or added as a separate module, its energy consumption is often the dominant factor and can vary considerably between competing devices. This is why EEMBC created EEMBC IoTMark®-BLE, a benchmark and analysis tool that measures the energy efficiency of microcontrollers and Bluetooth radios used in IoT edge-node devices (end points). For more information, check out the press release and the website.

Some recent news on this:

@Linley Autonomous Hardware Conference

This one-day conference, focusing on hardware design for autonomous vehicles and deep learning, will include a presentation by EEMBC president, Markus Levy “Evaluating Processor Architectures for ADAS”. EEMBC will also have a live demonstration of the prototype of its new ADAS benchmark.

Attendance is free to qualified online registrants. April 6, 2017. Hyatt Regency Hotel, Santa Clara, CA

@IoT DevCon

This two-day conference, focuses on the practical aspects of designing for the Internet of Things. Attend this conference to see EEMBC in several sessions and the exhibition. EEMBC’s director of technology, Peter Torelli, will present “All BlueTooth-Enabled Devices are not Created Equal” to show the new EEMBC IoTMark-BLE in action. Altran’s Herman Roebbers will also present “Designing for Ultra Low Power: Mechanisms for Reducing Energy Consumption” to discuss, among other topics, the EEMBC ULPBench benchmarks.

Embedded Vision Summit

If you’re interested in learning more about computer vision, you should attend the Embedded Vision Summit, May 1-3, in Santa Clara. The Summit will have more than 50 speakers (technical, business, new products, and fundamentals) plus hands-on workshops, an entrepreneurs’ panel, and a vision start-up competition. And their Vision Technology Showcase hosts more than 40 exhibitors demoing the latest in practical computer vision technology. Register at

EEMBC Expands In-house Testing Services

The EEMBC Technology Center benchmark testing services include porting the benchmarks to the target platform(s), running the benchmarks and reporting scores, comparing different hardware platforms and different hardware configurations, and comparing different tool chains and different optimization options. Read more…

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