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July 2016



  • EEMBC Members C-Sky and Silicon Labs Upgrade on Membership
  • Benchmarking MicroBlaze with EEMBC CoreMark
  • EEMBC in the News
  • EEMBC@Wearables TechCon
  • EEMBC@Linley Mobile and Wearables Conference
  • EEMBC@IEEE High Performance Extreme Computing Conference
  • EEMBC@IoT Kongress in Munich
  • EEMBC@IoT Tech Expo

EEMBC Members C-Sky and Silicon Labs Upgrade on Membership

Both C-Sky and Silicon Labs have upgraded their EEMBC memberships to join the Executive Board. Both of these companies joined EEMBC in 2013 as working group members. In their new roles, they will participate in much larger roles in determining the strategic direction of the consortium.
“With the growing need for industry-standard benchmarks, especially in the China market, we see a tremendous value in engaging more significantly with this consortium,” said Xiaolang Yan, Chairman of C-Sky. “Along with the deep collaboration with Alibaba Group, we recognize the increased value of high-quality processor benchmarks, as more chip design companies vie to be part of the Alibaba ecosystem.”
“We want to ensure the success of EEMBC and the continual development of credible benchmarks that will help guide our customers in making the best choices for their current and future IoT product designs,” said Daniel Cooley, senior vice president and general manager of IoT products at Silicon Labs. “With Brent Wilson, Silicon Labs’ director of applications engineering, already co-chairing the EEMBC IoT-Connectivity working group, becoming a board member of this important consortium was the next logical step for us.”

Benchmarking MicroBlaze with EEMBC CoreMark

Although this blog is a bit old, I only recently stumbled upon it. Nevertheless, it’s one of the most detailed write-ups I’ve seen on the steps for building and running CoreMark (including various compiler setting options and how they affect performance). Even though it does describe the process related to MicroBlaze, the techniques are relatively universal.

EEMBC in the News

  • A recent announcement by STMicro using EEMBC ULPBench and CoreMark Results to show off its new STM32L4 Microcontroller Series Devices.
  • An article by Gordon Ung of PC World in which he utilized EEMBC BrowsingBench to benchmark We test Edge vs. Chrome vs. Opera vs. Firefox.
  • Write-ups in Tech Design Forum and Electronics Weekly describing our new heterogeneous compute benchmark.

EEMBC@Wearables TechCon

EEMBC is an industry sponsor of Wearables TechCon, July 18-20, San Jose Convention Center. Classes and tutorials in the TechCon tracks will focus on embedded computing, hardware design, sensors, and physical technology, while tracks in the DevCon portion will focus on programming apps and mastering the SDKs of the next wave of computing devices. Use code WEARIT for a $100 conference discount off the 3-day pass.

EEMBC@Linley Mobile and Wearables Conference

EEMBC is an on-going supporter of the Linley Conferences. The next one on the schedule is the Linley Mobile & Wearables Conference on July 26 - 27, 2016, at the Hyatt Regency Hotel, Santa Clara, CA. This two-day is a single-track conference featuring technical presentations addressing design issues for smartphones, tablets, smartwatches and other wearable devices. The Linley Group will also present an overview of the market, technologies, equipment-design, and silicon trends for designers of mobile devices. Free registration for qualified attendees.

EEMBC@IEEE High Performance Extreme Computing Conference

September 13-15 is the annual IEEE High Performance Extreme Computing Conference (HPEC). EEMBC’s Markus Levy and NXP’s Rafal Malewski (chair of EEMBC Heterogeneous Compute working group) will co-present `Analyzing Heterogeneous Computing Architectures for ADAS and Mobile Imaging Applications’. HPEC is the largest computing conference in New England and the premier conference in the world on the convergence of High Performance and Embedded Computing.

EEMBC@IoT Kongress in Munich

Join Stefan Schauer, chair of EEMBC's ULPBench Group and member of the MSP430 Systems Team at Texas Instruments, as he presents "Benchmark für den Energieverbrauch von IoT-Knoten” (Benchmarking Energy for IoT Edge Nodes) at the IoT Kongress in Munich; September 14-15, 2016. This 2-day conference covers industrial security and best practices.

EEMBC@IoT Tech Expo

October 20-21 at the Santa Clara Convention Center, Markus Levy joins a panel discussion ‘The Future of IoT Development’, at the IoT Tech Expo. This 2-day conference and event will host case studies and dedicated tracks covering Smart Cities, Connected Living, Wearables, Developing & IoT Technologies, Connected Industry, Connected Services and Data & Security.

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