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EEMBC BenchPress
March 2015



  • EEMBC CoreMark’s Big Brother has Arrived
  • Update on ULPBench Results
  • Green Hills and ARM Release Certified AutoBench Results

CoreMark-PRO has Arrived

Free download for CoreMark®-Pro. The original CoreMark stresses the CPU pipeline. CoreMark-Pro tests the entire processor, adding support for multicore technology, a combination of integer and floating-point workloads, and data sets for utilizing larger memory subsystems.

The EEMBC CoreMark-Pro benchmark contains five prevalent integer workloads and four popular floating-point workloads. The integer workloads include JPEG compression, ZIP compression, an XML parser, the SHA-256 Secure Hash Algorithm, and a more memory-intensive version of the original CoreMark. The floating-point workloads include a fast Fourier transform (FFT), a linear algebra routine derived from LINPACK, a greatly improved version of the Livermore loops benchmark, and a neural net algorithm to evaluate patterns.

“Together, the CoreMark-Pro workloads represent a wide diversity of performance characteristics, memory utilization, and instruction-level parallelism,” stated Rajiv Adhikary, senior software engineer at Analog Devices and chair of the EEMBC CoreMark-Pro working group. “This benchmark is guaranteed to highlight the strengths — and weaknesses — of any processor.”

CoreMark-Pro is freely available, performs self-verification to ensure accurate results. Furthermore, to make CoreMark-Pro even more accessible, its workloads encompass the CPU portion of the tests for EEMBC AndEBench-Pro and the first results are located on the EEMBC website.

Update on ULPBench Results

EEMBC recently published more certified ULPBench results for microcontrollers from Texas Instruments (TI). Featuring integrated FRAM, the MSP430FR5969 now show a certified score of 117.30. Also now online is the CC2650F128RGZ, a wireless microcontroller that received the current high-scoring record of 143.60; this is a highly-integrated wireless MCU.

Green Hills and ARM Certified AutoBench Results

There’s a new optimizing compiler for the ARM® Cortex®-R5 processor and Green Hills and ARM used EEMBC AutoBench to help prove its capabilities. The EEMBC Technology Center has certified the results demonstrating a performance score of 1.01 EEMBC Automarks/MHz on the Cortex-R5 automotive MCUs from Spansion.

On Going

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