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September 2014



  • Transition from AndEBench.v1 to AndEBench-Pro
  • Download EEMBC BrowsingBench Trial Version
  • Tabula – EEMBC’s Newest Member
  • Pre-Order for EEMBC ULPBench and EnergyMonitor
  • EEMBC Exhibiting at Linley Processor Conference
  • EEMBC in the News
  • On-Going Things

Do you have an Android device? Then you must compare its performance to other devices by running EEMBC’s new AndEBench-Pro. As its name implies, AndEBench-Pro provides professional-grade Android device benchmarking and is the only independent and unbiased Android device performance tool.

AndEBench-Pro hardware tests thoroughly exercise the CPU, GPU, memory, and storage subsystems. The AndEBench-Pro platform test includes common tasks such as GUI rendering, XML parsing, image manipulation, data compression, and cryptography, all combined into real-world scenarios.

AndEBench-Pro includes support for both English and Chinese languages and can be AndEBench-Pro can be downloaded for free from Google Play™ and the Amazon™ Appstore for Android. Professional device reviewers should contact EEMBC directly to obtain their specific version of AndEBench-Pro that will enable them to change benchmarking parameters and gain undisclosed scoring information to aid in their device analysis. In addition, EEMBC encourages all vendors and manufacturers to join the consortium’s working group to contribute to the definition and development of our next generation AndEBench. To join the working group, contact Markus Levy for details.

EEMBC BrowsingBench Trial Version

We listened to your feedback – finally, here’s your opportunity to try out BrowsingBench. EEMBC BrowsingBench is a powerful, industry-standard, and unbiased tool that determines the effectiveness of mobile phones and tablets in processing and displaying Web pages. Unlike other browser benchmarks, BrowsingBench measures the complete user-experience--from the click/touch on a URL to final-page rendered on the screen. In other words, BrowsingBench measures more than JavaScript execution, it also measures page-rendering speed and factors in Internet-content diversity.

To maintain its repeatability, accuracy, and reliability, the official version of BrowsingBench must be run from your local server (which EEMBC provides with a bootable USB stick that launches an Apache webserver). However, you can try out the basic features of BrowsingBench with our trial version download.
A few things to note about this trial version:

  • The repeatability of the score is highly dependent on your internet connection and the number of hops the packet data must make to get to your device. Therefore, you will get different results by measuring your device’s performance in California and Nuuk, Greenland.
  • There’s a reduced number of webpages to allow the benchmark to complete faster. The official version includes more than 20 webpages
  • In the trial version, you can view all the features available in Engineer mode, although they are not functional. These features include setting of bandwidth latency, cache functionality, face-time, and others. The official version also includes battery-life testing, recently utilized by Ryan Shrout of PC Perspective.

EEMBC is proud to announce that Tabula, Inc., has joined the consortium’s networking working group. To quote Marc Miller, Tabula’s senior director of marketing, “New content has greatly expanded the bandwidth requirements to handle the unparalleled amount of digital information. This situation has created an urgent need for new chip architectures to keep pace, and in turn, new benchmarks are needed to measure the capabilities of these new chips. We look forward to contributing our resources to help ensure the continued development and evolution of next-generation networking benchmarks. Our customers will value the outcome of this effort when making decisions about new system designs optimized for secure packet processing.”

NOTE: Related to this, EEMBC will make an announcement in the coming weeks on the status and progress of its networking working group. If you’re interested in advance information, please contact EEMBC.

Pre-Order for EEMBC ULPBench and EnergyMonitor

In early October, we expect to receive our first production units of the EEMBC EnergyMonitor tool. This tool is designed to work in conjunction with EEMBC ULPBench™, a method to accurately and reliably measure the energy efficiency of microcontrollers targeted at ultra-low power (ULP) applications.

If you haven’t done so already, contact EEMBC to pre-order your EnergyMonitor tool for $75 USD.

EEMBC Exhibiting at Linley Processor Conference

On October 22-23, The Linley Group will host the Annual Linley Processor Conference in Santa Clara at the Hyatt Regency. Complimentary registration ends October 16th, so don’t procrastinate, register before it’s too late! This conference features keynote talks, technical sessions, and a networking reception on October 22nd from 5:00 - 6:30 PM, complete with sponsor demos, exhibits, raffles, and great food. Shay Gal-On (Director of Technology) and Markus Levy (President) will have an exhibit table and be on hand to answer any questions.

EEMBC in the News

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BrowsingBench Article
· NVIDIA SHIELD Tablet and Controller Review - Android Gaming Makes a Move (07/29/14)

ULPBench (Ultra-low Power) Articles
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·  Le banc d'essai EEMBC pour microcontroleurs a ultrabasse consommation est pret (03/05/14)

On Going

Do you need a comprehensive, reliable, unbiased benchmark to test the performance of processors with floating-point units? You can now license the new EEMBC FPMark suite. Uniquely, FPMark contains single (32 bit) and double (64 bit) precision workloads, as well as a mixture of small, medium, and large data sets to support everything from microcontrollers to high-end processors. The EEMBC FPMark Suite uses 10 diverse kernels to generate 53 workloads, each of which self-verify to ensure correct execution of the benchmark. Non-members may obtain the entire FPMark suite, including source code and documentation, for only $495 ($195 for universities and research programs).

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