From Markus Levy

March 2012



  • Meet the President
  • EEMBC Benchmark for Android Released
  • New CoreMark™ Scores
  • Traveling With EEMBC
  • Mobile Devices and their Semiconductors

Meet the President

Yes, that’s right! Don’t miss your opportunity to meet the EEMBC President - Markus Levy.

I will be presenting at and chairing the upcoming Multicore DevCon. There will be several things most interesting and relevant to EEMBC such as the panel I’m moderating on the future of multicore technology.

Dongwon Choi from Sungkyunkwan University will give a talk on “Evaluating Multi-Threading Performance of Android OS” which will include some useful information related to EEMBC’s MultiBench.

EEMBC newsletter subscribers can get 20% off the attendance fee by entering the code ‘eembc’ when registering.

Join me in Tokyo on April 18th for my presentation at the CoolChips conference: “The Challenges of Analyzing Embedded Processor Behavior In the Age of Complex SoCs”.

I will also be presenting at CMOS Emerging Technologies conference (July 18th-21st) in Vancouver, BC, Canada: “Embedded Processor Benchmarking Strategy: From the Microcontroller to the System”.

EEMBC Benchmark for Android

Check out our new AndEBench™. It’s available for download on the Android Market, now part of Google Play, and soon at the Amazon Appstore for Android.

While of great value to processor, system, and software vendors, the easy-to-run AndEBench™ tool also empowers end-users to validate and compare operations on their phones or tablets, many of which vary considerably in performance.

New CoreMark™ Scores - Downloads Nearing 7000

With CoreMark™ downloads nearing 7000, it’s time for us to stir the pot once again. As I mentioned back in December, we’re currently developing other CoreMark family benchmarks. This working group is open to ANY EEMBC member. Interested in joining the working group?

Users have posted over 299 CoreMark™ scores. Check these out and be sure to submit yours! Here are the processor scores that have been posted since our previous newsletter:

Processor Compiler EEMBC
Xilinx MicroBlaze v8.20.b in Virtex5 FPGA, 5-stage pipeline, 16K/16K cache 125 GCC4.1.2 20070214 (Xilinx 13.4 Build EDK_O.87 25 Nov 2011)  
Marvell 88AP510 Armada 510 800 GCC4.4.3  
Altera Nios II 80 nios2-elf-gcc.exe (Altera 10.1 Build 153) 4.1.2  
Tilera TILE-Gx36 1400 gcc 4.4.6  
Atmel ATXMEGA128A1 2 GCC v4.5.1  
Lantiq XWAY VRX288 500 CodeSourcery CodeBench Lite gcc-4.3.3  
TI Stellaris LM3S317 25 Keil ARMCC V3.1.0.942  
Freescale Kinetis K60 90nm 100 Green Hills Multi v6.0.0 - Compiler 2012  
Freescale Kinetis K70 90nm 120 IAR v6.30  
Freescale Kinetis K70 90nm 150 Keil uVision v4.20  
Freescale Kinetis K70 90nm 120 Green Hills Multi v6.0.0 - Compiler 2012  
Freescale Kinetis K70 90nm 150 Green Hills Multi v6.0.0 - Compiler 2012  

View CoreMark™ Scores

Traveling With EEMBC

Earlier this month, at the Embedded World exhibition in Nuremberg, Germany, EEMBC demoed CoreMark in action. In one demo, we used ST Micro’s STM32F4 to run CoreMark, alternately turning the device’s ART on and off to speed up and slow down (respectively) a locomotive. View the video on Youtube.

In another demo, we used Freescale’s Kinetis K70 micro to also run CoreMark and power the blade of a high-flying helicopter. View the video on Youtube.

EEMBC now has a Youtube channel.

Mobile Devices and their Semiconductors

Check out the analyst report by Jon Peddie Research recognizing the benefits of EEMBC’s BrowsingBench.

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