Certified Performance Analysis
for Embedded Systems Designers

EEMBC Update - June 2009

At last, the EEMBC CoreMark™ has arrived. As its name implies, CoreMark targets the processor core, a key starting point when analyzing any processor. In support of CoreMark, we’ve created a new website at www.coremark.org that will serve as a benchmark community for all topics related to the industry’s use of CoreMark. The features contained on this website include:

  • Free download of EEMBC CoreMark benchmark source code

  • An open facility for all CoreMark users to post and view scores

  • Forum where users can discuss topics related to CoreMark (and a place where you can challenge posted scores)

  • Mini-tutorial and FAQs related to EEMBC and CoreMark

  • A blog to post topics related to CoreMark and embedded processor benchmarking in general. Although this feature is for EEMBC members only, we encourage all users to comment on the posted blogs.

EEMBC MultiBench™ Demo for Windows and Linux

MultiBench™ is a suite of embedded benchmarks that allows processor and system designers to analyze, test, and improve multicore architectures and platforms. Let us know if you're interested in checking out the demo for x86 that includes several of the workloads used in this suite. Send an email to multibench-demo@eembc.org.

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