Benchmark Scores

All Benchmark Scores are Certified by EEMBC to ensure credibility

 Benchmark 1045
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Type of Platform FPGA Simulator 
Type of Certification Out-of-the-box 
Certification Date   
Benchmark Notes  
Hardware Type 
Native Data Type 
Architecture Type 
L1 Instruction Cache Size (kbyte) 
L1 Data Cache Size (kbyte) 
External Data Bus Width (bits) 
Memory Clock (mhz) 
Memory Configuration 
L2 Cache Size (kbyte) 
L2 Cache Clock 
Compiler Information 
Compiler Model and Version 
Floating Point 
Benchmark Scores Iterations
CoreMark 2.919 
CoreMark/MHz 2.919 

Uncertified Data & Result

Performance is represented in Iterations/Second for Production Silicon and in Iterations/Million Cycles for Simulators; where bigger is better. To view complete certification data, click "View Certification Report".