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OABench Production Silicon Benchmark Scores  (Production silicon, pre-production silicon, or test chips for FPGA prototypes)

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Processor Compiler OAmark™ Energymark™ Type Certified Notes
NXP i.MX31-532MHzArm Realview Comptilation Tools v3.1 build 569394.3  OTB01/16/08
IBM 750CL - 1000 MHzGHS 4.2.31535.9 0.00199276 OTB12/26/07
IBM 750CL - 800 MHzGHS 4.2.31228.2 0.00178442 OTB02/13/07
NXP MPC8641D 1.5GGreen Hills Multi V4.2.31892.1  OTB11/23/06Single core used for benchmarking
NXP MC8548 - 1333MHzGreen Hills MULTI v4.2.31610.6  OTB10/23/06
Analog Devices ADSP-BF533 - 594 MhzAnalog Devices VisualDSP++ 4.5351.5  OTB09/16/06
Transmeta Efficeon 1GHzGCC 3.4.4815.9  OTB10/31/05
Transmeta Crusoe 800 MHzGCC 3.4.4601.7  OTB10/31/05
NXP i.MX21 - 266 MHzARM-Linux-gcc-3.3.2-glibc-2.3.2151.8  OTB08/26/05
NXP i.MX31-532MHzarmv6fl-montavista-linuxeabi-gcc 3.43340.5  OTB08/26/05
ST231 - 300 MHzST200 Micro Toolset R4.1301.1  OTB06/24/05
NXP MC7448 - 1700MHzGreen Hills MULTI v4.0.52162.8  OTB06/15/05
IBM 970FX - 2 GHz.Green Hills Software MULTI 4.0.51843.8  OTB06/02/05970FX is run in 32-bit mode
AMCC PPC440EP - 533 MHzGreen Hills PPC 4.0.5559.4  OTB03/15/05
AMCC PPC440EP - 667 MHzGreen Hills PPC 4.0.5694.8  OTB03/15/05
NEC VR4133-266MHzGreen Hills: MULTI 2000 MIPS V4.0.1216.3  OTB04/16/04
NEC V850E-50Green Hills: MULTI 2000 V800 V4.0.130.1  OTB04/02/04Compiled for speed
NEC V850E-50Green Hills: MULTI 2000 V800 V4.0.122.0  OTB04/02/04Compiled for code size
IBM 750GX - 1 GHzGreen Hills Software MULTI 3.6.11452.0  OTB03/05/04
NXP MPC7447A - 1.4GHzGreen Hills C Version 4.01793.8  OTB02/11/04
PMC Sierra RM5261A - 400MHzgcc version 3.3-mips64linux-030509328.3  OTB09/22/03Processor using Exposed Pad package
PMC Sierra RM7000C - 625MHzgcc version 3.3-mips64linux-030509740.0  OTB08/13/03
AMD Au1100 - 396 MHzGreen Hills Software MULTI v3.6.1n/a  OTB07/16/03
AMCC 440GX-667Green Hills Software MULTI 3.6.1719.8  OTB05/20/03
NXP MPC7447 - 1.3GHzGreen Hills C Version 3.61531.2  OTB02/10/03
MIPS 20Kc 600 MHzGreen Hills Software MULTI 3.6523.4  OTB01/21/03The test chip was produced at TSMC in a 0.13LV process
AMCC 440GP-500Green Hills Software MULTI 3.6.1511.1  OTB01/14/03
AMCC 405GPr-266Green Hills Software MULTI 3.6.1213.6  OTB12/23/02
AMCC 405GPr-400Green Hills Software MULTI 3.6.1317.4  OTB12/20/02
Infineon TriCore/TC11IB-96Tasking TriCore 1.5r168.3  OTB11/04/02
AMCC 440GP-500Green Hills Software MULTI 3.5501.3  OTB10/30/02
Toshiba TMPR4927ATB-200Green Hills MULTI 2000, MIPS v3.5165.3  OTB07/12/02
NXP MPC755-400Green Hills C Version 3.5 548.4  OTB07/12/02Binaries used have previously been certified on Motorola's MPC8245 (G2) and MPC7455 (G4)- demonstrating the scalability of Motorola microprocessors.
NEC VR5500 - 300RedHat GCC3.1 vr4x5x270.5  OTB03/18/0232-bit ext. bus.
NEC VR5500 - 400RedHat GCC3.1 vr4x5x359.9  OTB03/11/0264-bit ext. bus.
NEC VR5500 - 400RedHat GCC3.1 vr4x5x359.1  OTB03/11/0232-bit ext. bus
NEC VR5500 - 300RedHat GCC3.1 vr4x5x271.3  OTB03/11/0264-bit ext. bus.
NXP MPC8245-400Green Hills C Version 3.5395.5  OTB12/20/01
NXP MPC7455 - 1GHzGreen Hills C Version 3.51238.6  OTB12/20/01
NXP PowerPC 603e-300MetaWare High C/C++ Ver 4.3c247.0  OTB02/20/01
NXP PowerPC 7400-500MetaWare High C/C++ Ver 4.3c572.4  OTB02/20/01
NEC V850E - 50Green Hills: MULTI 2000 V800 V3.128.7  OTB01/20/01
AMD ElanSC520-133Microsoft VC++ 6.0 SP474.4  OTB11/30/00
AMD K6-2E 400/ACRMicrosoft VC++ 6.0 SP4281.4  OTB11/11/00
AMD K6-IIIE+ 550/ACRMicrosoft VC++ 6.0 SP4504.1  OTB11/08/00
AMD K6-2E+ 500/ACRMicrosoft VC++ 6.0 SP4458.0  OTB11/07/00
IBM PowerPC 750CX - 500Wind River Diab 4.3b for PowerPC553.0  OTB06/06/00
Renesas M16C/80-20NC308WAV2.00 Release 14.5  OTB05/26/00
Toshiba TMP95FY64F - 20Toshiba Build Manager V1.301.0  OTB03/23/00
ST20C2 50ST20 ANSI C Compiler v1.811.4  OTB03/22/00
NEC VR5432 - 167Apogee Software: Version 4.1153.5  OTB03/22/00
NEC V832-143Green Hills: NEC V800 1.8.954.4  OTB03/22/00
NEC VR5000 - 250Green Hills: Multi2000 Version 2.0, ccmipel168.9  OTB03/22/00
Toshiba TMPR3927F - 133Green Hills MULTI 200070.6  OTB03/22/00
NEC VR4122-180Green Hills: Multi2000 MIPS Version 2.199.3  OTB03/22/00
  OTB=Out-of-the-box, OPT=Optimized