About AndEBench-Pro™

AndEBench™-Pro - an Industry-Accepted Benchmark for Evaluating Android Platform Performance

  • Targets smartphones and tablets  (Android Lollipop compatible)
  • Source code available for EEMBC members – avoids ‘hidden agenda’
  • Online ability to compare to other devices

Extensive Platform and Hardware Testing

  • Platform test includes common tasks such as GUI rendering, XML parsing, image manipulation, data compression and cryptography
  • Hardware tests focus on the CPU, GPU, memory, and storage subsystem

Advanced Features

  • 64-bit support for high-end application processors
  • Off-screen rendering for 3D test to avoid GPU bottleneck
  • Adjustable benchmark parameters support experimentation

EEMBC encourages all vendors and manufacturers to join the consortium’s working group
     to contribute to future AndEBench versions.

  • The only Android device benchmark defined and developed by an open industry association
  • Benefits processor vendors, system developers, and any other company in the Android platform ecosystem
  • Commercial licensing available