Consortium Leadership

Peter Torelli
EEMBC President & CTO

Peter has a long history in the semiconductor industry, with over two decades at Intel as a software architect, hardware architect, and integration lead. His most significant contributions include driving power convergence for the Xeon Phi product line and developing power-aware CAD tools and methodologies that have been used at Intel for over a decade.

In early 2014, Peter left Intel and jumped into the Portland-area startup scene, writing software and building hardware in such diverse areas as IoT wearables and fashion technology. After presenting at the IoT Developer Conference in 2015, Peter took the job as Director of Software Engineering at EEMBC, developing the IoTConnect framework: an extensible software architecture that both enables more sophisticated system analysis and forms the foundation for EEMBC's modern line of benchmarks.

Peter was named as the President and CTO of EEMBC in November 2017. In this role, he has focused on maintaining the alliance’s position as the industry’s authority in performance benchmarking. Under his leadership, EEMBC has launched working groups to bolster the capabilities of existing benchmarks, while researching and developing new performance standards for today’s disruptive technologies, including security, IoT, ADAS, machine learning, and more.

Satoshi "Steve" Otsuka
EEMBC Japan Regional Manager

Satoshi "Steve" Otsuka is Japan regional manager for EEMBC.

He also serves as an independent consultant on embedded system designs and Japan representative for The Multicore Association.

Previously he held various technical director positions at M-Systems Flash Disk Pioneers (now SanDisk) and Future Electronics.

Prior to these positions, he was an x86 processor specialist at Intel for 10 years.

Tal Gal-On (高伦涛)
EEMBC China Regional Manager

Tal serves as a strategic consultant for multinationals, tech companies as well governmental, semi-governmental and NGOs who engage with the Chinese markets. Tal also serves as the director of innovation center for RITS - the research institute of Tsinghua university in Shenzhen.