Industry-Standard Benchmarks for Embedded Systems
EEMBC, an industry alliance, develops benchmarks to help system designers select the optimal processors and understand the performance and energy characteristics of their systems. EEMBC has benchmark suites targeting cloud and big data, mobile devices (for phones and tablets), networking, ultra-low power microcontrollers, the Internet of Things (IoT), digital media, automotive, and other application areas. EEMBC also has benchmarks for general-purpose performance analysis including CoreMark, MultiBench (multicore), and FPMark (floating-point).

News Articles


  • AutoBench 2.0-Les processeurs multicoeurs pour l'automobile ont d (08/19/16)
  • AutoBench 2.0-EEMBC MultiBench launches new industry standard targeting automotive multicore systems (08/16/16)
  • AutoBench 2.0-EEMBC updates automotive benchmark for scalability tests (08/15/16)
  • AutoBench 2.0-EEMBC Upgrades Auto Benchmarks in Microprocessor Report (08/15/16)
  • EEMBC gains active participation in China (07/27/16)
  • EEMBC looks into heterogeneous compute (07/12/16)
  • STMicroelectronics New STM32L4 Microcontroller Series Devices Show Off EEMBC ULPBench and CoreMark Results (07/07/16)
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  • Which browser is best for battery life: We test Edge vs. Chrome vs. Opera vs. Firefox (06/27/16)
  • PC World Uses BrowsingBench for Battery-Life Test on Microsoft Edge and Opera (06/27/16)
  • AI processors to get performance benchmark (06/21/16)
  • Vers un banc d'essai standard pour les processeurs multicoeurs heterogenes (06/16/16)
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  • ULP-11 Myths About Low Power (03/02/16)
  • EEMBC vill mata pa IoT och lara ut sakerhet (03/01/16)
  • EEMBC vill hitta snabbaste heterogena systemet (03/01/16)
  • IoT security, power consumption in benchmark group's sights (02/25/16)
  • Analog Devices entre de plain-pied sur le marche des microcontroleurs a ultrabasse consommation (02/24/16)
  • Langere Batterielebensdauer bei IoT-Anwendungen (02/16/16)
  • ULPBench-My Ruler Must Be Broken - Measuring Power Consumption Can Drive You Crazy (01/20/16)
  • ULPBench-Ultra-low-power connected platform supports cost-optimized IoT and wearable applications (01/06/16)
  • Ambiq Micro's ultra-low power MCU smashes through EEMBC ULPBench ceiling, doubling the highest score on record. (01/05/16)